Beckermann components are manufactured to original equipment matching quality and 100% tested for exceptional reliability

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Beckermann application data can be accessed 24/7 via autocat+, ensuring that you can always find the part you need quickly and easily


As vehicle electronics continue to advance, technical support becomes an increasingly vital part of our product offering

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Lambda Sensors

Lambda sensors were first fitted to cars in 1977 to improve the efficiency of combustion engines and help to reduce harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide. Lambda sensors operate by measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. An efficient engine requires a specific amount of air and fuel in it’s cylinders at combustion. […]

804-0246 EGR Valve

Beckermann Delivers VAG EGR Solution

New improved Beckermann 804-0246 EGR Valve for VAG Vehicles.Replacement EGR valves for VAG vehicles provided one of the biggest talking points in 2017. Most aftermarket providers experienced issues with vehicles rejecting the new EGR valve and with a labour time of up to 4.5hrs this understandably created high levels of frustration for fitters, factors and […]

Replacing EGR Valve

EGR Valve Issues

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Do you notice a higher than average EGR valve return rate? Do your customers report symptoms reoccurring prematurely after replacement? In this Technical bulletin we look at how the EGR valve works, the causes and symptoms of failure and how to ensure longevity of the replacement valve. What is it for? Fundamentally the EGR valve reduces […]

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The Beckermann brand is delivered through Independent Motor Trade Factors Associated Ltd (IFA) members throughout the UK. For more information please visit the IFA website at www.imtfa.co.uk

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